Foundation and cellar walls

Formwork hollow bricks and masonry bricks made of ordinary concrete are recommended for the erection of foundation and cellar walls.

Hollow bricks

Formwork bricks take on the role of system concrete formwork. They are laid out in layers with overlay, then reinforced and filled with concrete. They permit faster execution of foundations. A form of aid is provided in the precision dimensioning and interlocking joints. Compared to traditional, work-intensive and costly wooden formwork, they permit one to save time and money. No mortar required. Walls of formwork bricks may be reinforced both vertically as well as horizontally. The set also contains end (corner) bricks.

Foundation block brick BF-25/38

The concrete foundation block type BF-25/38 is a structural wall component foreseen for the execution of foundation and cellar walls, used in general and residential construction. The manufacture technology uses natural mineral resources and appropriate compaction of the concrete mix on a vibration press, and ensures perfect product technical characteristics. The concrete foundation brick is characterised by high mechanical resistance, fire resistance, low water absorption and resistance to frost.