Blocks for single-layer wall

Single-layer wall

Thanks to the precision fit of the individual aerated concrete components, single-layer walls are elected relatively quickly and cheap – mainly because of the lower work effort required and the lack of need of further insulation by mineral wool or polystyrene.
Single layer walls of the lightest block classes (300, 350) with thicknesses of 48, 40, 36.5 are guarantee of perfect thermal properties.
The warmest single-layer wall made of Termalica EKSTRA blocks with a thickness of 48 cm allows one to attain a heat transfer coefficient value of U=0.16 W/(m2K), which already exceeds the target construction industry standards foreseen for the year 2021, describing wall insulation requirements under U=0.2 W/m2K, permitting one to save both during the investment as well as the building life cycle.
Termalicaa KLASA are a set of blocks for single-layer walls ensuring building energy efficiency, conforming to present requirements in terms of insulation capability of outer walls at U≤0.23 [W/m2K].

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