Blocks for partition walls

Partition walls are constructional divisions separating individual rooms of a flat or building storey.

Partition walls

Partition walls are usually made of Termalica blocks of classes 500, 600 or 700 and a thickness of 10 and 12 cm. The divider wall blocks have a smooth front surface or are equipped with a tongue and groove interlock. The walls are erected using thin-joint or traditional mortar. The porous structure and low weight of the aerated concrete blocks decidedly reduce ceiling loads in comparison to walls made of other masonry materials. The smooth and even surface of the walls made using thin-joint mortar permit the addition of tiles and cladding without prior smoothing and plasteringi of the surface, and the execution of thin-layer plaster and gypsum finishing. Depending on the Termalica
aerated concrete type, a 12-cm-thick wall as a RA1R acoustic insulation coefficient of 36-39 dB, and fulfils all standard requirements in terms of sound propagation insulation.
The most important advantage of divider walls made of Termalica aerated concrete is their lightness – low-weight components do not cause excess load and crowning of the ceilings. Thanks to this, aerated concrete divider walls can be used both in new as well as in refurbished buildings – because old structures require care in terms of load-bearing capacity.

Finishing and interior design panels

The 5, 7.5 and 10 cm-thick panels permit quick execution of refurbishment work and work on interior decoration, for instance: dividers and walls, bathtub cladding, shower walls, fireplace housings, kitchen and bathroom, cupboards and shelves, barbecue structures.
The ease of processing permits the grinding and trimming of the material to any shape, which allows the execution of durable and interesting structures. The panels are made to highest precision class requirements (up to 1 mm), thanks to which they can be joined by thin-joint mortar or assembly foam, providing a smooth surface, and necessitating no plastering for ceramic cladding.