Termalica blocks all sport fixed and optimised dimensions: a height of 249 mm, a length of 599 mm, and a width depending on their foreseen use. The consumption of blocks per square metre of wall is just 6.67 pcs. The simplicity of wall erection is furthered by ergonomic mounting grips and interlocking joints that markedly reduce the wall erection time.

ściana jednowarstwowa z betonu komórkowego

Blocks for single layer-walls

The warmest single-layer wall made of Termalica EKSTRA blocks with a thickness of 48 cm allows one to attain a heat transfer coefficient value of U=0.16 W/(m2K).

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ściana wielowarstwowa z betonu komórkowego

Blocks for two/multiple layer walls

Two-layer partitions are made up of a structural load-bearing part made of Termalica type 400, 500, 600 and 700 blocks with thicknesses of 20, 24 and 30 cm, and a thermal insulation layer of mineral wool panels or polystyrene.

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ściany działowe

Blocks for internall walls

Internal walls : load-bearing walls and divider walls, finishing and interior design panels

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TERMALICA system components

The components of the Termalica system are made of top quality aerated concrete – the material offering the best thermal insulation properties on the market.

system termalica


The components of the Termalica system are made of top quality aerated concrete – the material offering the best thermal insulation properties on the market.

The blocks, making up the basic component of the wall erection system, are profiled with tongue and groove interlocking components, thanks to which their vertical seams do not require the use of mortar.

Termalica blocks are a product conforming to the strictest requirements of the TLMB measurement class. This means that they fit in with each other almost ideally, thanks to which one can ensure that the wall that is erected is very homogeneous in terms of its core material, all of which results in a warmer home.

Elements of system Termalica:

  • U-profiles
  • Ceiling panels
  • Beam and block ceilings
  • Lintels
  • Blocks
  • Hollow bricks and foundation blocks

Advantages of the system

Termalica aerated concrete an environmentally-friendly material and the best material for energy-efficient construction.


High thermal insulation properties

Termalica aerated concrete is characterised by excellent thermal insulation properties, and forms the best solution for energy-efficient construction. The parameter describing the thermal insulation properties of a material is the λ thermal conductivity coefficient [W/mK]. The lower the value of λ, the ‚warmer’ the material.


Optimum load bearing capacity of bearing walls

wytrzymalosc na sciskanieThe compression resistance of Termalica aerated concrete blocks, depending on the individual type, permits the erection of single-family house walls as well as multi-storey building walls.


Acoustic insulation and noise protection

izolacja akustycznaAcoustic insulation is the ability to dampen air-borne sounds. It depends on the mass of the material, its internal structure as well as the thickness and type of divider wall layers.


Thermal stability

stabilnosc temperaturyTermalica aerated concrete walls, different than hollow brick walls, are monolithic and homogeneous, and have no air slits or gaps.


Optimum humidity

optymalne warunki wilgotnoscioweThe high steam penetration ability of Termalica aerated concrete ensures the best‚ breathing’ walls that stabilise air humidity in rooms.


Fire safety

ognioodpornoscTermalica aerated concrete is a non-flammable construction material, conforming to the criteria and requirements of the most demanding Euroclass, A1.


Resistance to bacteria, mould and fungus

odpornosc na grzybyProduction based on lime, and alkalinity of Termalica aerated concrete, ensure high resistance to biological corrosion, preventing the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus even in case of high humidity.



ekonomia betonu komórkowegoFaced with the decision of purchasing wall material, one has to factor in all utility properties and characteristics into its price, including, first of all, the thermal properties of the material and the relevant living comfort.

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