Lintels and U-profiles

Termalica lintels may be made of pre-cast reinforced slats or battens or U-profiles. The aerated concrete lintels, beside their structural function, help protect the walls from losing warmth. Together with the remaining components of the system – blocks and panels – they create a unified wall structure and reduce the emergence of thermal bridges.


Termalica U-profiles function as lost formwork, and enable the construction of wall and door openings of large widths, such as terrace windows or garage doors. They can also be used for cornices, battens and reinforced concrete pillars, as well as wall reinforcement. The U-profiles are filled with structural reinforcement, and then with concrete, so that a reinforced concrete core is created. Termalica U-profiles Lintels require assembly formwork and support that is removed after the required strength of the mortar and filler concrete is achieved. The U-profile, thicker on one side, ensures appropriate thermal insulation of the lintel without the need for further insulation. They are available in two concrete density classes – 400 and 600 kg/cu m, in five width options. The fixed length of 599 mm and the height of 249 mm ensure that they fit in perfectly with the remaining system components.

kształtki U

Termalica TNN Lintels

Termalica TNN battens, with a height of 24,9 cm, are made of reinforced aerate concrete. Termalica TNN battens are independent structural components used for coverage of openings in outer, inner and divider walls, with a maximum opening width of 180 cm.

Termalica TNB Lintels

Termalica TNB lintels with a height of 12,4 cm are components used for the execution of joined lintels, whereby the battens work together structurally with the wall they are to support. The maximum width of the opening to be covered is 2.50 m. The battens are available in three widths, 12, 15 and 20 cm. The full load bearing capacity of such a system lintel is achieved after the batten is covered with a layer of blocks, with their vertical joints filled by adhesive mortar, and following the execution of a reinforced concrete cornice at the ceiling level. The battens require assembly supports spaced out approx. 0.75 m, which can be removed seven days after the ceiling is concreted.

Termalica TND Lintels

Termalica TNB lintels are components used for the execution lintels to partitional walls. The lintels are available in four widths, 120, 140, 170 and 200 cm.