Blocks for two/multiple-layer walls

Two/multiple-layer walls

Multi-layer outer walls are most commonly twoor three-layer walls.
Two-layer partitions are made up of a structural load-bearing part made of Termalica type 400, 500, 600 and 700 blocks with thicknesses of 20,24 and 30 cm, and a thermal insulation layer of mineral wool panels or polystyrene.
A three-layer wall has an additional shield layer of 9-12 cm made of aerated concrete blocks or ceramic bricks.
In case of a clinker facade, it is necessary to leave a ventilation layer of 3-4 cm between the insulation and shield layer.
In such construction systems as well, the “warm” Termalica aerated concrete walls ensure the best insulation properties, wall smoothness and precision, limited consumption of mortar and faster construction as compared to other wall materials.
Thin-layer adhesive mortar or traditional mortar may be used for the erection of multi-layer walls.

multi-layer termalica 2021

= 0,042 W/mK.